Tharin Larry

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Tharin Larry
<p>I'm an old-fashioned man with modern sensibilities. Looking for my best friend and queen to fill every need, wish, and desire. In return, I will lavish devotion and we will live a blissful, content life of love for each other. We will learn from each other and together.</p> <p>I am an avid conversationalist, which means I like to talk a lot and listen closely. I try to be enthusiastic about most things and try to be good company.</p> <p>I am witty and if you have a good sense of humor, especially a little on the corny or satirical side, we should be having a good time laughing.</p> <p>I am sympathetic and empathetic. I love a woman who is kind, considerate, compassionate, understanding, and generous with her time and love. I don't mind being the sole provider and having the economic stability to do so, while I put my time and energy into making the relationship a stable, happy one. I'm looking for an exclusive long-term relationship or marriage. I'm extremely loyal and would always strive to strengthen our love with good communication.</p> <p>Let's plan fun adventures in the tri-state area or far away. Let's relax in the tranquility of nature, take advantage of artistic, recreational, and educational opportunities, have leisurely talks and playfully, challenging discussions about every subject we want. I want us to miss each other when we're apart, and never regret a moment we're together. I will be who you want me to be without changing the best parts of myself.</p>